Michael Botticello Millington Cohort

We were thrilled to have Michael Botticello, CEO/Founder of Custom Coin Holders stop by for the Start-Up Boot Camp we are currently hosting for active duty military and veterans at the University of Memphis Millington Campus.  Besides being very generous with his advice to each of the members of our cohort individually, he also shared his experiences about getting his products on the shelf at the Navy Exchange.

In addition to all of the information he shared, Botticello has very graciously offered to add a line of product his already impressive inventory being generated at his factory right here in the Millington area.  We are excited about the possibilities that lay before the cohort member selected for sourcing tonight!

Please follow the story as the bootcamp evolves.  There are other great products that are coming together, including An American Made Coffee, founded by Sherry Cash.  It will be a tough decision to see which of our start-ups takes home the top prize!

Most of all, I would like to that each and every one of the participants personally.  It is truly an honor to be able to spend this time with you and to learn more about life in the military.  Words will never be able to express just how proud I am to personally know these courageous folks who have so proudly served our country.

We look forward to the rest of the journey, and to achieving the goals and dreams that lay before you.

Michael Botticell Millington Cohort II