CEI client, Mia Earl, Founder of Abundant Life Reflexology & Wellness Solutions, has entered to win a wish from Intuit. Her wish will impact the well-being of women who have suffered Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from living in an abusive environment and empower women to re-enter into society with confidence by offering free reflexology services. There is no access to reflexology within the family violence services offered in the City of Memphis especially for lower-income victims. With one in five women being a victim of domestic violence in Memphis and Shelby County, this wish will open doors for increased services. Her business also wishes to remove old carpet to create a cleaner environment for clients. Mia is asking for your help! Click the link below for more information and VOTE for Abundant Life Reflexology & Wellness Solutions to win a wish from Intuit! Thank You for your SUPPORT!