CEI Client of the Week is Marene J. Austin, founder of MA Enterprises. Marene joined the CEI team in September 2011. She enrolled herself in jewelry-making classes in January of 2012 to learn how to design and make jewelry. Now she is indeed, “Stringing Pearls of Wisdom” using her jewelry as a platform to make an inspirational connection with her community.

MA Enterprises is a business, consisting of a very special book that she wrote and published called, “Celebrate Life’s Lessons” and a designer jewelry line entitled, “Celebrate”.  The concept behind this motivational production is “Planting Seeds of Motivation, While Stringing Pearls of Wisdom”, allowing customers to receive positive, motivational life lessons (relayed in her book) through her intricately designed jewelry line, which represents the celebration of those life lessons.

“Many of the lessons from my book teach you how to remain positive in the face of adversity and exercise a resilience and tenacity that will render constructive results.”


After having experienced much success in life, she decided to concentrate on developing her twelve grandchildren.

“My passion is to leave a legacy behind, knowing that I have taught my offspring some of the lessons that I have learned. I have matured throughout my life with each experience that I encountered. Now, I am delighted to ‘Plant Seeds of Motivation’ and share these lessons with my grandchildren and others through a hands-on encounter. Upon this premise, I founded MA Enterprises.”

What’s unique about MA Enterprises?

The book, “Celebrate Life’s Lessons”, can change your very outlook on life.  It contains catchy phrases and original quotes that captivate and engross readers.  It’s a page turner and once you read it, your life will never be the same.

The jewelry is handcrafted by Marene, making the pieces exclusively yours and one of a kind.


MA Enterprises would be delighted to eliminate the stress of shopping for Mother’s Day gifts and offer you a relaxed shopping experience!  Allow MA Enterprises to customize a special jewelry package for your Mother’s Day event.  They will include a personal & exclusive “Celebrate” Tag and Card along with each jewelry piece or book and will also include a special statement from you on the card.

Marene says jewelry making can be a long and tedious process. However, that process is eased with motivational discussions, bonding activities, and development sessions with others.

“I endeavor to leave my footprints in the sands of time, inspiring my generation to reach back and share our experiences, accomplishments, and business skills with generations to come.”

The CEI is proud to have Marene as a part of our client team. We can’t wait to see MA Enterprises continue to grow!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage