_DSC0051 _DSC0052 _DSC0053 crop 3 Crop On Friday January 25th, we had a great opportunity to be invited to the radio program “Buscando el Norte” on the Radio station VIVA 1380, located in Memphis. Journalist Cesar Gonzalez is the owner of the newspaper “El Norte”, he also runs the Spanish informative program “Buscando el Norte” (Reaching the North) every Friday from 12:00 pm until 1:00 pm. Cesar interviewed James Northcutt and myself Angela Trillo about the amazing initiative of the “Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation”. We had the opportunity to speak about our mission, and also about how we serve all students, alumni and Shelby County residents with our services: idea development, customized technical assistance, skills training, mentoring, networking support, legal advice, financial guidance, and personalized feedback on business plans.
     Cesar Gonzalez called us “The Angels” he was very impressed that there is no cost to utilize our services; he said that this is a great opportunity for all the entrepreneurs and innovators that sometimes need just that extra push from an external source. We also spoke about the free classes we provide in the center and our upcoming expo on February 19 from 10-5 “Invitation to Innovation.” All this information can be found at eventbrite.com.