Honey Mustard Whole Wings

You read it right.  Wild, Wild Wings (WWW) makes THE BEST WINGS IN TOWN . . . the only thing is that this town is Grenada, MS.  But hey, a roadtrip is always a fun way to get out and see something new during the summer months, right?  Well, that’s just what we did.  And both my intern and I agree:  WILD, WILD WINGS MAKES THE BEST WINGS WE’VE EVER HAD.  That’s right, you’ll have to branch out of Memphis to taste them, but it’s well worth it.

James never knew how much he loved wings!

Couldn’t leave without some wings for the road!

Serving only whole wings, Darnell Thompson (owner of the wing establishment) gets a little creative with the sauces.  Rather than sticking to the usual “hot” and “mild” flavors, WWW brings you “honey mustard”, “lemon pepper”, “sweet and tangy”, and other unique flavors, as well as the regular favorites.  But if wings aren’t your thing, WWW also offers a great selection of other foods with a Western touch,  like hamburgers, “Texas Fries,” and more.

Darnell putting up the first dollar on the wall of “Favorite Wings”

Did we mention there was a bar? What’s better than wings with beer?

We hope you check out Wild, Wild Wings, a nice little family restaurant on S. Main Street in Grenada, MS.

Wild, Wild Wings. Located at 131 S. Main St., Grenada, MS 38901.